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A Story

Last evening my husband and I went to an upscale Mexican restaurant to celebrate our 28th anniversary. The complimentary salsa came with cilantro in it. After just a bite, I realized that it contained that horrid, pungent, stinky weed, and gave the rest to my husband. The rest of my meal was great, but here it is in the middle of the night and I can't sleep. The cilantro taste just keeps coming out of my mouth when I breathe, and it has spoiled our celebrating as my honey stinks so badly that I can't contemplate kissing him.
The thing is, I go to Mexico on yearly mission trips and eat authentic home-cooked cuisine made by Pastors' wives. They DON'T put cilantro in everything! It is used as a side garnish, and I've been able to avoid it. We're supposed to be flexible and do whatever is asked of us on these trips, but when it is time to chop food for meals, I'm always busy doing something else. I learned the hard way--I chopped a huge portion of it once, and couldn't get my hands clean enough for 2 days.
It's horrible! Eschew cilantro! Yuck!