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A Story

I grew up in a family that had a fairly limited taste in foods, and never encountered cilantro until this spring(I'm 30). In my wish to have a large edible garden in our new house's yard, I planted a large herb garden including a variety of parsleys, chives and the like as well as 4 cilantro plants, which I understood to be like a spicy parsley.

When I was finished planting I wiped sweat from my mustache with the side of my hand and was overcome with an awful smell and a strong sense of nausea. I thought I'd contaminated my hand with ferilizer or some other garden chemical that was foul-smelling, so I washed my hands well and tidied up my tools. Later that day I picked a few leaves from some of my herb plants (including the cilantro) to put on a home made pizza. I'd finished chopping everything up on the same cutting board, and was suddenly struck by a strong rotten odour. I leaned towards the cutting board and took a sniff. Big mistake! It was disgusting! I then picked up the pepperoni stick I has just taken slices from and smelled it. Same disgusting smell. Conclusion: it must be rotten. So I threw it away and everything else that had touched it or shared that knife including the cilantro. I ended up having something else for supper because a pepperoni-less pizza is not worth eating, let alone making.

A few days later I was weeding my herb patch, and I smelled the same digusting smell again. I started looking around for a dead rodent, and soon realized that it was coming from the cilantro plants. I picked a leaf, held it to my nose, and nearly threw up in my garden.

At last, mystery solved! My poor innocent pepperoni! Framed by the evil cilantro and condemned to the garbage by my unwitting hands!

I just came in 20 minutes ago from mowing and edging the lawn. I'm happy, uh I mean sorry, to report that the cilantro met with a serious and lethal accident when I was passing with the weed whacker. Whoops!