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A Story

Like most others, I first encountered this vile, disgusting ingrediant by chance through steak tacos. After inspecting the food to find the root cause of it, I saw the chopped up green leaves and, even though I didn't at the time know what the herb was, I knew right away that the chopped up herb was the culprit. I asked the cook what it was and he told me, cilantro. Since then, I go out of my way to tell anyone, NO CILANTRO, or I hate cilantro. This is how I discovered the site. I Googled, I hate cilantro and this wonderful Web-resource was the first link (I'm buying some shirts). The ingrediant has become disturbingly ubiquitous in all areas of food service. I began to think it was me who had the issue. Later, a nutritionist informed me that it could be genetic in nature. Indeed, this is the only ingrediant that I can think of that is so offensive to me, but not offensive to most others. I am not sure why we were the lucky ones to be able to taste cilantro in its true hidious nature. Everyone who I have asked describes its flavor as mild. Hmmmmm, as you all know, cilantro is ANYTHING but mild. Therefore, I have concluded that we experience cilantro in its true form whereas, most others taste something like parsley, which I like. In fact, I enjoy the flavor of all herbs except for cilantro. One thing is for certain, all cilantro haters must push this fight forward collectively. Everyone in the food preperation industry needs to know that this ingrediant is blatantly offensive to a small but still significantly sized group of people who all want to vomit at the sight, smell or taste of cilantro, which should never happen. I believe that this is the reason brands like La Victoria and Pace have resisted the trend to add cilantro to their salsas, thank goodness. Those that want it can add it themselves. Unless culterally infused in the particlar cuisine such as in mexican and thai, cilantro should be an ingrediant that is avoided at all costs or included at request only. Never be shy about expressing your hatred for cilantro. Anyone offended by it does not care or understand why this is such a critical and passionate issue for those that it affects so negatively.