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A Story

The college I went to boasted what might be the largest and most elaborate bank of vending machines ever assembled at that time. You could get everything from chips to soup to burritos. The vending machines were flanked by about 8 microwaves to heat those delicacies up.

I did my share of experimenting in college, but I was never crazy enough to try a vending machine burrito. But, sometimes on my visits for chips and soda, the whole bank of microwaves would be humming - with a hum you could feel as well as hear. But the worst thing was the smell emanating from those microwaves. It smelled like chemicals and hot dog mixed together. My guess was that the microwaves were spray cleaned with a commercial cleanser and not properly wiped out.

I wondered to myself how anyone could put their food in a device that smelled like, and then I remembered these were people who ate vending machine breakfast biscuits.

It wasn't until later, at a mexican restaurant that I smelled that commercial cleanser again and was informed it was an herb and was put into the salsa intentionally! I can't smell that stuff without feeling like microwaves are penetrating my skull through my eye socket.