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A Story

I went on a romantic date with my then boyfriend to a swanky and artsy thai restaurant. We decided to order the crystal rolls and playfully feed eachother on the silk couch. Then i felt IT and my eyes began to water and i began to choke on what tasted to be old soap. No amount of water would wash it out.

Noticing this, the waitress got the cheff to come out an ask what was wrong as they were worried. The cheff, a south east asian transvestite in a sun dress makes his/her way worried out of the kitchen and in a valley girl male voice asks if everythign is alright.

My boyfriend simply stated "It's just cilantro"

From then on cilantro has ruined many of my favourite dishes and hindered socialization with friends who adore cilantro rich viet food.
I feel like i'm guilty for offending friends, waiters and cooks with my cilantro distain.
This site freed me from the guilt!