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A Story

Can't believe that I actually found this site...I, too, am a cilantro HATER! I am almost 50 years old and it seems that it's only been in the last 15-20 years or so that cilantro is seemingly everywhere. It tastes like soap to me (actually, worse!)
My main beef is cilantro being added to foods where it really shouldn't be and with no warning on the menu. I expect to find it in Mexican food and Vietnamese food, so I know to ask for it without. But recently we were out to eat at a restaurant that we frequent and ordered the fried calamari. The menu said that it came with a marinara dipping sauce. When the plate arrived it was literally covered in chopped cilantro. What's the purpose of that? Being Italian-American, I know that we don't use cilantro in cooking; so with the marinara sauce, why would I even begin to think that it would have cilantro on the calamari? I called the waitress over and requested that she suggest to management that they disclose on the menu items that have cilantro as an ingredient. She looked at me like I had 2 heads, but said "OK"...guess she just figured she should placate the crazy lady :-) But I am getting increasingly frustrated with this trend!