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A Story

It was January 1983 and I was touring the Galapagos on a small boat, 8 tourists and 3 staff--a relatively low-budget way to explore these incredible islands. First evening we had freshly caught fish, smothered in some green herb that rendered it nearly inedible. Feeling ill, I assumed it was the effects of the sea, though the waves were gentle. Next morning, scrambled eggs, again with green bits of something that looked like parsley but tasted like nothing I had ever been subject to before. Lunch, again freshly caught fish, seasoned with this same horrible green substance. Finally, when this evil herb appeared yet again at dinner, I used my inadequate Spanish to discover this was CILANTRO! The ship chef clearly was enamored with it. Somehow I was able to convey it was this herb, not the sea, that was making me sick. I have spent the last 27 years doing my best to avoid it, though this nefarious herb surfaces when I least expect it, like THE SPANISH INQUISITION! And nobody expects THE SPANISH INQUISITION!