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A Story

At the very first dinner, with the family that were to be my inlaws, my girlfriend's mother made a tomato salad.
Normally I love tomato salad, so I took a huge helping.
At the first bite, I tasted something vile, and my gag reflex kicked in.
My mother always taught us to finish what is on our plates, and being this was the first dinner with these people, I thought I should try to choke it down.
. . .another bite, I nearly vomitted.
. . .one more try . . .this time my body said to me "Are you friggin' nuts ?!?" . . .and my throat closed up.
So now I have a giant pile of tomato salad on my plate, my girlfriend (now my wife) is saying "how rude, you took a big helping, you should eat it, you're going to insult my mom"
After explaining that I could not eat it . . .my body won't let me, we discovered the mystery ingredient was cilantro.

It seems more and more restaurants are using Cilantro these days.
I tell them I'm alergic to it.
Which judging by my body's reaction to it . . .I thought I was.
Turns out I just hate the taste.

Oddly enough, I can eat food prepared with Coriander