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A Story

I just joined this site, because of my recent lunch experience here at work (although I have been on this site reading Cilantro "Horror" stories) I HATE CILANTRO! (I was pounding on the keys when I typed that)
anyways here it goes, well everybody here at work decided to order from a new local mexican restuarant, for dilivery,
well as I was going through the menu to see what sounded good, I read the ingredients to the burritos, and found that EVERY one contained CILANTRO!, I thought that it all sounded good until then, I figured I'd try the chicken burrito w/red sauce (it seemed like a safe bet) so I wrote that down and put in giant letters "NO CILANTRO", and I handed it to the person calling in the order, well her response was: "You don't like Cilantro"?, she said it like, I just told her I hated "babies" "puppy's" or "kitten's"
(insert the one you like most), anyways she felt compelled to tell everyone else about this, that was then (2) of my coworker's (who weren't odering from there) said they too hated Cilantro, it was then I decided they were my friends!, I didn't know we had that in common, we're basically "the black sheep" now.
anyways my wife equally hates it too,
I can't even count how many meals were ruined because of this "HORRIBLE" herb, all it takes is the most minute flake of this crap to ruin anything you're eating,
how on earth can anyone like this?, you would have to have no taste buds to like it!
I think the same people that like horrible music/movies & TV shows like it (I won't name any music,movies or TV shows, I don't want to offend anyone here, that's another topic)
I have many cilantro stories to tell, and I will, now that I have a place to do so.

oh the burrito I had for lunch was really good, I will go back, and one of my coworkers ordered a side of cilantro, and ate it in front of me, to show how much he loved it, I just think he's a bigger idiot, than he was before (with no taste buds)