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A Story

First encountered at the newly opened Rainier Square food court. Delicious Greek, Thai, sushi, etc. Then a "healthy" Mex counter. I walk in and choked as the smell of delicious food was mixed with the overwhelming stench of used, aged gym socks/shoes/underwear. Rushed outside and gratefully sucked in the fumes of three buses at the bustop.

Then PCC started in on swapping out parsley for Cilantro. How could you ruin Tabouleh that way? Pre-cilantro, I raved about the Quinoa Tabouleh to friends (the same friends below), then one day purchased a large bowl for a party, not realized the CHANGE had happened. Wow. Happy birthday. Sorry I nearly killed you. Anyway, did you like Border's gift card?

Dinner with with friends I hand't seen in a long time. Thai. Interesting how she and her mother had anaphylactic reactions over beef that while it didn't have the strong smell of Cilantro (it had been specifically requested to be left out), closer questionion of the cooks revealed Cilantro was part of the marination. Huh. Evidently, a genetic thing. Fortunately, they stopped eating as soon as they realized their lips and tongue were getting numb.

Real exited when a "homestyle" Mexican deli opened up near my workplace. At first, no cilantro, so I was busy filling up my 'buy 10, get 11th free' card. Then nearly threw up on the 11th. Yup. They'd decided to "class-up" their recipes. Great. It's back to Jack (hope-it's-not-raw) In The Box and the gas station "deli" selection.

Parsley and other savory herbs should be a chasing hammer to help shape flavor. Cilantro is a d*** jackhammer and just destroys.