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A Story

I don't remember my first run in with cilantro. I grew up in Texas, and love Tex-Mex. But it was actually after returning to New England and trying to find good Mexican that I have run into so many restaurants using cilantro. We went out for my 16th birthday and I ordered a burrito, I had picked the restaurant, I was so excited. The thing was LOADED with cilantro, it was absolutely inedible, I wanted to cry, I was 16 and it was my birthday and the food was ruined. I never return food to the cook for fear of repercussions, so I suffered in silence, except for telling my family.

Fast forward several years to a cookout at my sister's who lives hours away from me. Both she and her husband know of my aversion to cilantro and while they don't share my repulsion, I figured they invited me, there would be food to my liking. Again, no, the salsa and the guacamole were both absolutely loaded with cilantro. I know it was their house and their party, but they did invite me, one would think they would make some sort of accomodation, just as you would for an allergy or a vegetarian or something. I felt guilty feeling pissed, but I had travelled for the event and now I was hungry.

Now happily married, I have made my preferences known to my husband, and at a recent mexican night at my parents, when my brother-in-law happily made his homemade (gag) salsa and guacamole, I brought a few avacados and made my own recipe for guacamole, which is awesome. My hubby tried both and has since exclaimed "You're right, it does taste like soap! He put so much in, almost like he was over-doing it on purpose!" I don't believe he was, he simply likes the vile stuff, but luckily my hubby much preferred my recipe so we will continue to live happily with our non-cilantoed salsas and guacamoles! For the record, no problem with coriander or with cooked salsas that contain cilantro, it is the fresh herb that is so repulsive!!