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A Story

As a brand-new visitor to this site, I am overcome with a feeling of camaraderie. So thank you all for existing.

I have always hated cilantro. And growing up as a lover of Mexican food in California, it is hard to avoid. It would be impossible to relay just one experience of perfectly good food being ruined by a wayward garnish.

However (and I'm sure someone on this site must have already launched such an offensive), I want to pick a bone with one establishment in particular: Chipotle (home to the design your own burritos)

I am sure many of you have been to a Chipotle restaurant, and like me, have lost all respect for humanity thanks to their cilantro rice. As a general rule, I like rice in my burrito. I like rice in my burrito bowl. I do NOT like rice that is littered with cilantro, making it impossible to pick out or avoid.

One might go so far as to hope, "maybe they have an alternative rice for those who don't like cilantro." Well those hopes would be thrown to the ground and stomped on with cilantro-encrusted boots, because they don't.

This has just got to be stopped, before cilantro rice ruins more lives as Chipotle franchises branch out into all corners of the nation. People who have no experience with Mexican food should know that it doesn't have to be this way.