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A Story

Alright, I'm an idiot. I knew I hated cilantro, but thus far, I've been lucky enough to only encounter it in a few Asian and Mexican dishes, and in my beloved salsa and marinara. That is, until last night. I was making dinner for my husband and myself. Shrimp cakes, lightly pan-fried and served over a bed of fresh spinach with coconut/lime dressing. Mmmm. But the recipe called for cilantro. A freaking tablespoon of it. I guess my reasoning for including it was that with all the other flavors, maybe I wouldn't even notice the cilantro. I could not have been more wrong. (The smell really should have tipped me off as to the magnitude of my mistake). I raised that first beautiful, golden-brown shrimp cake to my lips... and promptly gagged. I didn't throw up, but ALL I could taste was that horrible herb. I completely lost my appetite and didn't eat dinner until 4 hours later. But I have learned a valuable lesson: ALWAYS PUT SALT IN YOUR EYE! No, wait. It's that I can't ever, ever eat that stuff again.