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A Story

It was November 2004. Our friends were getting married soon. Guests were flying in for the big event. We were expecting our fourth child and first daughter, and all was right with the world. Before the big day a couple of our fiends invited us out for dinner. With soon to be four small children, going out to eat was a rare and much cherished event; not to be taken for granted. We went to my favorite resturant. This had all the makings of a perfect evening. My favorite appetizer was the lobster potstickers. MMMMMMMM, so good! I decided to order two appetizers to serve as my entree. If the lobster potstickers were so outstanding, then certainly their seafood dumplings would be just as fabulous. Finally our food arrived. I was eating for two and my hunger pangs reminded me of this. I picked up a steaming seafood dumpling with great anticipation. I prepared to feed my soul and nourish my unborn child and took a bite. My mouth reacted instincitvely by rejecting the horror that had just been placed inside it. I think I felt the baby puke. It seems that unbeknownst to me "seafood dumplings" consist of two things. A small amount of seafood, and a possibly illegal quantity of cilantro. They were vile and there was no faking it in the name of table manners. Evening destroyed. The sheer nastiness of it still haunts me today. A little vomit just came up into my throat just thinking about it almost two years later. Seafood dumplings: so much potential ruined by such an unearthly substance. Surely this was Mother Nature's idea of a bad joke. How could something so gross be considered edible?

Evening destroyed. The sense of utter dissapointment I felt that night still haunts me.