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A Story

Hello all,

I need to tell someone about my dislike of cilantro. Here is my story.

I love Chinese food. I LOVE it. Even more, I love noodle soups. I took a lady friend out to a new noodle bar in my city. Imagine how excited I was to find duck noodle soup on the menu! Duck is my favourite dish, as are noodle soups, and to find them combined into one heavenly dish was like God was in the kitchen, smiling and saying I had been good. The menu said it had "coriander" leaves in it (which is what we call it here in good old England), but I didn't know what that was, so I ordered it anyway.

It was set down before me and the aroma of duck rose up to meet me. My eyes closed in utter pleasure and I reached for my spoon. A sparkle came to my lady friend's eyes as she realised she was about to witness something special. And then..."GAK!!" I actually shouted the word "GAK!!!" out loudly into the restaurant. What the hell taste was in my mouth?? Did I misread the menu and order soap instead of soup? I fished around and after trying each item separately discovered that this evil, foul-tasting thing was in fact the coriander leaves, whose taste had permeated the whole of the soup. The horror!!! How could they do such a thing?? IT TASTES OF SOAP, PEOPLE.



Like you, I am a rational person, I am very kind to people and animals (except ducks, they belong on my plate) - but I will not tolerate this! It boggles my mind - actually boggles it - when I think that there are people who think "what can we add to make this dish even tastier?" and their answer is "coriander". Why are these people in charge of our menu's?? It is foul, it is vile, it coats the inside of your mouth with a soap-like taste that will not wash out! Please, please, end the madness now!