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A Story

I was probably 10 when I had my first encounter with cilantro. I was at a restaurant, I believe it was a Mexican restaurant. There were chips and salsa on the table and I decided to have some. After about 2 chews, I vomited on the table. It has a nightmare. Something was in my mouth attacking my taste buds viciously. I soon after discovered from my mom that this was cilantro.... which by the way, she loves. I was horrified that there was something on this Earth that was disguised as something edible that tasted like that. From that day on, I avoid the stuff like its a contagious disease...a deadly one. Whenever I go to the grocery store I can't go within 50 ft. of the stuff. I smell it and see it from a far. People make fun of me and say that you're not supposed to even taste it. Well I don't know, maybe I am crazy but the stuff is so strong and absolutely retched. I always told my mom that if she ever brought it in the house I would be forced to flush it down the toilet, the only problem with that plan was that I would have to touch it. Anyways, I think it is safe to say that cilantro should be outlawed.