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A Story

I typically love Mexican food, especially the salsa at this one restaurant I ate at sometimes. Somewhere between the last time I visited and then, they changed the salsa recipe to include cilantro. I had never ever had the displeasure to try it, before that time when I was 12. My (crazy) grandmother was dipping her chips in the salsa, raving about how utterly awesome it tasted. Unbeknownst to me, her taste buds were stupid. I tried it, though, trusting her judgment. I spit the salsa out in disgust. "What is that?!" I believe I exclaimed. "Salsa... do you not like the cilantro?" "Is that that green stuff? It's icky!" My tongue tasted like the moldy carcass of a grass monster. I would have thrown up if it hadn't had been for the delicious Shirley Temple that I was sipping on. Needless to say, it was a scarring experience and I have cautioned myself to NEVER try it again.