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A Story

I first encountered cilantro in AZ about 15years ago..It tasted like dirt to me and I couldn't figure out what is was that made my burrito taste like that..A few more times in different food that dirt taste would appear. Finally I was told the chopped green leaf I had thought was innocent parsley was in fact the dirt week cilantro. A co worker made the comment one time that he hated cilantro and I ageed yuck..Now 15 years later the dirt weed is in every darn thing..I blame Bobby Flay for a lot of the popularity of this noxious plant in cooking... So glad to have found your site. I really hate cilantro. Picking it out of dishes is exasperating as there is always a piece in hiding to ruin the next bite..I love to cook and eat. I hate cilantro and think this site needs more publicity. thanks for letting me vent...Patindcnow