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A Story

I was at the hospital to hold my niece's hand and help her as secondary coach during the birth of her second child. Hers was a difficult pregnancy. My sister died just before my nice discovered she was pregnant and so I was really standing in for her. My niece had developed gestation diabetes and had to be induced. She had been in labor for about 20 hours and her sweet husband went out for burritos to tide us over since we were really tired of hospital food.

After puking for what seemed to be hours, I had to go lie down on the floor of the guest bathroom in the hospital in the middle of the night and then had to eventually leave the hospital for a few hours. I almost missed the baby's birth. I felt like such a wimp! Poor niece in hard labor and I was downed by a stinkin cilantro-laced burrito. YUCK!!

I finally made it back just as the baby was born! Cilantro is vile.