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A Story

We attended the celebration of a baptism at which a whole cow's head was served. Cebeza de vaca. There was no attempt to disguise what it was. It was in a huge metal baking dish. Slices of this were served to us wrapped in flour tortillas. Because we were special guests, and gringos, I guess? (They didn't mean that in an insulting way) they gave us extra portions of cow head and cilantro. I tried very hard to suppress thoughts about mad cow disease and how this very dish was supposed to be illegal to serve now; it's the best way to catch mad cow. It was the cilantro that did me in, though. I gagged and almost embarrassed myself in front of everyone. My husband finished my share. I made some ludicrous excuse in my halting Espa~nol, but they didn't care, because I was just a silly gringa anyway. Once my stomach settled down, I filled up on tortillas and punch. I did not look at the cow's head or the cilantro.