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A Story

I'm not sure when I first encountered cilantro. Growing up in the South West, I ate plenty of Mexican food and I remember, on blessedly rare occasions, the food sometimes tasted off, bitter. To me, it tasted exactly like the smell of pencil shavings. I didn't know what it was until I moved to California, the cilantro capital of the world. Cilantro is used more in Mexican food here than beans and chile seasoning. They not only ruin perfectly good enchiladas and burritos with it, the sadists put liberal amounts of the filth in the salsa, too, providing a double dose of putridness to the unwary. Those who grow and/or love the stuff should be blindfolded and forced to compare the smell of a pencil sharpener with a bowl of cilantro, then choose which is which. Once they make their choice, they should then be forced to eat it. Guaranteed, those eating pencil shavings will swear off of cilantro for the rest of their lives.