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A Story

When I was 16 I went to my first vietnamese restaurant. I'm a culinary adventurer. I love food. I like to try new things. I ordered some soup and rolls. It wasn't terrible, but it had a pile of green nastiness on it. Just sniffing it was enough to make me go, "No way." I scooped it off the soup and laid it on a dish nearby. Ever since then I've seen an increasing incidence of this food repellant being placed on and around food. For me it smells like someone peed in sauerkraut, and flavorwise it's by itself. I assume since I have never tasted peed in sauerkraut that that is exactly what it tastes like too. I've come to be able to recognize it on and around things in Indian, Mexican, and East Asian cuisine and if I order something and it arrives unmentioned I send it back because it's that nasty. I assume the people that like this are big fans of anise and black licorice. Those people need to be sterilized.