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A Story

I really don't remember the first time I encountered this vile herb, I just know I hate the taste and smell so much that my family refers to me as the cilantro police. They really don't understand how much I hate it and how difficult it is to find something to eat that I won't gag on in Mexican, Indian, or Asian foods.
We have a garden and my husband, who loves cilantro, planted two cilantro plants two different years. The plants were the only things that didn't do well in the garden both years and my husband accused me of killing his plants. I honestly didn't but I can't say I'm sorry that the stinky stuff died.
When I go to a place that serves food with cilantro I make it very plain that I hate cilantro. I usually repeat my request that I do not want the vile herb on anything, but alas, my request goes on deaf ears and I have to send the dish back. It's gotten to the point that I dread going to those cilantro loving places.
The world has gone cilantro crazy. It's so great to know there is a place I can go to that others will understand my strong feeling regarding this god awful plant.