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A Story

I live in the southwest, and have for a long time, but it was only in the last few years that I have discovered why some of the foods I eat taste like soap. It all started when I was eating at a friends house. One person was all up in a huff over the meal. She said it smelled terrible and there was no way she was tasting it. The food in question was a soup and it turned out it had many whole sprigs of cilantro in it. I got a bowl of the soup and ate some but noticed it had a soapy-like flavor. I did not make the connection because I knew nothing about cilantro. I just knew that some parts tasted basically okay and others were not good. After say half a bowl I could not continue and simply opted to eat some of the other food available.

Fast forward to another dinner with the same folks and once again the same girl had a problem with there being cilantro present. This time it was fresh though. The dish was Vietnamese style spring rolls. I never actually put cilantro in my rolls but I ask her why she didn't like it. That was when I was informed that some people taste cilantro differently, badly as it turns out. I mentally noted this but still did not make the connection to my previous soap flavored meals.

Then it happened. I was at Chile's and I ordered the chicken tortilla soup. It came with fresh cilantro on it and when it showed up, I could smell it. I tasted the soup and it was the worst soap flavor to date. Remembering the cilantro girl, I asked the waitress to please make me a new bowl of soup without cilantro. She looked at me like I was crazy! But she did it and I actually got to eat something that tasted good. Unfortunately that cilantro encounter left a bad taste in my mount, literally, for hours. Finally I knew, it's the cilantro!

Since then I have discovered several other friends that feel the same way I do about cilantro and one pointed me to this site.