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A Story

People seem to act like i'm just a fussy eater telling me that I should just put up with it or that I would like it in something different. People act as if it's not really a problem and that it's just me over reacting, writing down on my paper work evertime I go to a new college that I "over react" to it. When I eat it and I'm gaging in absolute agony people are so un-sypathetic looking at me like I'm some sort of lunatic giving each other funny pretentious looks, that makes me very angry and I try telling them that I don't like it but they refuse to understand, BASTARDS >: (

It's EVERYWHARE and I get so angry when people try telling me they like it and I should try it because by some miracle I'm suddenly grown to like thias repugnat herb at the crack of the moment even though I fervently detested it my entire life. I went to an organic college called the glass house, their food was disgusting in the first place, what I really did not like dispite the food being stale and horible there was always some covert mission to sneek it in to food it hade NO right to be in, on instances putting it in tomatoe soups and fish pies. I once hade a kidney stone and I actualy found that MORE pleasent than the absolutely agonising onsobre of sensations I expiriance when it touches my taste buds, just the smell of it is enough to make me violently sick.

All my life I have struggled with it, ESPECIALY in Indian food, people always want an Indian, not a Chinese or an italian. I look at the menue and theres vertualy nothing I can eat sometime coriander from other dishes makes it's way into the food totaly ruining it or they add it in withough my consent. People just don't understand they think simply picking out the leaves will make it all better but once you out it in it's in there forever and I cant eat it. Even if someone puts a tiny bit into the food I can't eat it.

PEople think that its just a mild dislike and they will diquise it with other herb or make it spicy because someohow that might male me like it. People act all ofended when I tell them that they shouldnt have put coriander in it, even telling me off for dislikeing it and I should just "get over it2 >: ( ignorant pricks.

I have so many problems eating out and I now only go to McDonalds KFC and B-King.

Corriander for me is something that I really dispise and makes me very sick. I absolutely hate the frigging herb and I am so sick of it beig in practically every thing from pies to sanditches to even cristmass pudding mixed spice, it seam to be a sybiote of everything else, and if it's not corriander it's parsley the 2nd in line to the trone of evil meloncoly. It seems to afect me in ways nothig else does, not even the smell of rancid stale milk hase the same affect. There is absolutely NOTHING I like about it NOT ONE BIT AT ALL. I first hade it whe I was 5 years old on a plane coming to the UK from the Middle east, I was imidiately violently sick, so violently my sick came out my mouth like a jet stream, my heart rate went baserk and I felt in paine from the sickness. Ever since then I have feered ir and the fealings against it are more like that of the fealings people have against people who murder children. It's dificult, because most people don't mid it and just can't sea what the problem is. saying with smugnes and authority to each other, "huh, it's only coriander" or " how come no one else hase a problem with it, it's only you" There fore it cant be all that bad>: ( I try telling them how would you like it if I brought a plie of fresh steaming dog excrement in and started puttin it in their food. They always say "Thats diferent, dog poo smells bad." Oh and I supose coriander is just the sweatest freashet nices fragrance going!!! To me I would rathe pass a kidney stone again, even a split second on my toung and I feal sick. The sort of sickness you get from being hot clutred and travel sick but much stronger. I will NEVER like it, it's not like some of those things you disslike as a child, Blue chease, olives, mushrooms or sardines, but eventualy grow to like it, no corriander is a phobia you will take to your grave.

When I eat it I feel extreamly ill and painfull, the smell makes it hard to breath, im sick withing a second of trying it and I really really don't like the stuff, it is the absolute worse sensation possible withought actualy doing yourself any physical damage, the ony thing I can imagine as worse are extreamly painfull.

I heard someone telling me that the dislike of corriander may be down to certain genetic traights. There are bad smells, but corriander hase to be in a catogory of it's own I must say, the level of revulsion is like nothing I have ever encountered before, the vary Idea that someone could ENJOY this RANCID SOAPY METALIC poison that hase the sensation of drinking washing up liquid is quite frankly beyonde me.