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A Story

My first encounter with CILANTRO was about two weeks after Christmas 2005.My youngest son was concerned about my health,I am a diabetic and he had lost his father March of 2005.His dad had been a diabetic also.My son Nicholas had bought me a book for Christmas called Natural Cures for Diabetes.The book was written by Dr.Cass Ingram.I began to follow the diet in the book which included CILANTRO.I found the taste was not so good and the smell was pretty much the same.Never the less,I used the CILANTRO anyway.To my amazement ,from December until today I went from 183 pounds down to 147 and my blood sugars were never so low .It was like a miracle cure.My sister who I share a home with can't stand the taste or smell ,but she doesn't seem to mind my using it because it works wonders.It is sort of like Buckley's cough medicine,it tastes bad but it is good for you.Tell your diabetic friends about it they will thank you for it.Another hint for health drop the refined sugar which contains chemicals and bleach it is a man made poison.To sweeten anything use pure honey.It is easier on the blood sugars.