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A Story

I have had many unfortunate encounters with Cilantro over the years. Unfortunately, this disgusting herb is becoming more common in nice restaurants throughout NY. Its odd, i really can't explain it, but when i am sneak attacked by some loser chef who thinks he is being trendy by putting cilantro on a perfectly good dish, i literally get angry and animated. The people around me can't comprehend my disdain.

One time, I went on a double date. The date eventually became my wife. Anyway, it was me, my date, her sister and brother inlaw. Needless to say, it was an important night for our relationship. We went to a restaurant by the water on LI. I ordered a Lobster roll. How can one go wrong with Lobster nestled in between two amazing butter pieces of bread? CILANTRO!!!! Oh my god the horror. One bight and I said "i can't eat this!! there is cilantro in this!!" The other 3 people at the dinner didn't know what was going on. They were worried that i was deathly allergic. I calmed their fears by saying "I am not allergic, i just really hate cilantro". To this day, they don't fully appreciate my disgust for this vile weed.