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A Story

The first time I ran into cilantro I saw it and became disgusted. I was about 9 years old and hated vegetables or anything that was green due to my preference for happy meals, pizza, candy and soda. Growing up in the U.S. made me become picky for the food I ate as a child. But a couple years later when I was about 11 I discovered the power of foods that add a sensational flavor. I bought a taco de carne asada at a park. My uncle said "You should add some cilantro and onions to it". To make myself look more adult-like I gave it a try. WOW, I bought another taco and added twice the amount. From then on I was eating everything from avocado, squash, chili peppers, to eye tacos, tripe tacos and every other taco out there with this delicious green plant. But I still held my hatred and disgust to one green thing. CELERY. I cannot stand the taste it pierces through my tongue and makes me choke. Even if its a scrap I can still taste it and ruins my meal. I was wondering if any of you know of!!