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A Story

I remember my first encounter with cilantro. I'd found a recipe in a cookbook that called for a large quantity of cilantro (2 cups chopped). The meal was inedible and had to be tossed out. My ex-boyfriend asked me what was in there and when I mentioned cilantro, he told me that was the ingredient that had ruined the dish. I tried the dish again, several years later, cutting the cilantro down to 1/4 cup thinking the problem was with the quantity but that was still enough to ruin the dish.
Today however had to be my worst experience with cilantro. I'd ordered Pad Thai from Pei Wei and brought it home for dinner. I've never had Pad Thai from there before but a co-worker had it once and it smelled wonderful. I wasn't paying too much attention to what was in it until I took a bite that made me want to vomit. I thought that perhaps they'd served me spolied food or maybe a roach had gotten in my meal. I quickly spit out whatever I had in my mouth and discovered I'd had a mouthful of green parley-like stuff (partially chewed it wasn't easily identifiable). I quickly googled Pad Thai and found that cilantro is commonly used as a garnish. Reluctantly I sniffed at it and the smell alone was enough to make me retch. The rest of the meal was fine but it took me a while to pick out all of the cilantro. I can still taste it, faintly, in my mouth. I read where someone compared it to dirty soap and I think that's a great description of the taste it's left in my mouth.
For the record, I'm a pretty adventurous eater. I've had escargot, sashimi, roe, and even scrapple and I love them. I even like coriander, in small quantities in some dishes. Cilantro is pure evil and should be eliminated from all foods. I can't believe anyone even thought to try eating the crap in the first place. I thought I was the only one who hated it until I found this site. Now I know I'm not alone.