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A Story

My first experience was last year when me and my friends went traveling round SE Asia. I love food from everywhere, there is hardly anything I don't like, and even if food is not that great I'll still eat it anyway. But every now and then, I'd order something over there, and It would have this vile flavour in it, I just didn't know what it was, just that it didn't taste like it should be there. I kept telling my friends, "it's got that taste in it again", whenever they'd put it in something. It really pissed me off, esp. not knowing what it was. One day we ate in this place, and the whole thing was covered (garnished) in the repulsive stuff, so I asked what it was, and they went off for ages, as they didn't know the name in English, finally after they looked on their internet, they told me "CORIANDER". I always imagined I would have eaten it before at some point, you hear enough about it on the food shows. But no way, I'd never forget that disgusting taste.

Then I went to America for 6 months and met this guy, we got on the subject of food, and I told him, "this stuff called 'coriander' I hate it, it makes me want to throw up. He replied that he had never heard of it before. Then after dating him for a while, he told me he was going to make hummas, and that apparently everyone loved his home made hummas. So I was eager to try. He was like "yeah I put my favourite herb in it, 'cilantro'. I'd never heard of cilantro before, but was sure I'd like his hummas. GOOD GOD! IT HAD THAT F*CKING FLAVOUR IN IT! So I went to the fridge and tried a bit of this 'cilantro', to see if it was the culprit, and it was. I never said anything, to the guy about it either, cuz I didn't want to be rude, but thought they must be in the same herb family, and that this cilantro was another herb with the same vile flavour. It never occurred to me that it was the same thing. Then I went to an Indian restaurant over there. I always specifically say "no coriander", whenever I go to those restaurants. Anyway, at the end, the owner said he guessed I was English, because I called it coriander, whereas Americans call it CILANTRO... Ugh, a piece of shit by any other name would still smell as vile...