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A Story

I don't know about you all, but I was infinitely relieved to find this supportive, sensitive, cilantro-hating community because NO ONE I KNOW believes that I have a right to hate cilantro! "Oh, no', they say "Cilantro is amazing! It's so delicious! You're crazy for not liking it! Just have some more in that burrito, I know you'll come around." HA! I discovered that I hated cilantro after trying for two years to love the food at our most popular local restaurant, a Mexican fast food place called Anna's where everything is laced with cilantro. "It's funny," I said, "Normally I like quesadillas but these taste like they're fried in soap and stuffed with aluminium foil!" Finally I unearthed the culprit: cilantro. Turns out I have this evidently not-so-rare genetic predisposition that makes my taste buds turn against cilantro. But Thank The Good Lord, I'm not alone!