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A Story

I love food. The list of foods that I hate is very small. The list of foods so vile that the thought of them alone makes me gag is smaller yet. Those include: mushrooms, seafood, and tomatoes. But today these lists have a new member. And its name is Cilantro.

A few years ago I had this peanut Thai dish for the first time and I loved it. I was then under the assumption that Thai food was something I could add to my list of favorite foods. A few weeks later I got another Thai dish...which would've been amazing had it not been for a slight "dirty bath water" taste. I wasn't sure what caused it and assumed it was just made wrong. So I tried yet another Thai dish a few weeks after that. And it was even worse than the one before it. But again I just couldn't figure out what was in it that made it so horrendous. I stopped trying to get myself to like Thai food for a few years, until a few months ago I was at a restaurant where the menu was so limited that the only thing on the menu that kind of appealed to me was a Thai Chicken wrap. I decided to give it one more shot. I got it, took a bite out of it and it had that same damn "dirty bath water" taste! I disassembled the wrap and only ate the chicken and the sauce, and it was delicious. I just couldn't understand what was in Thai food that was so repulsive. So I came to the conclusion that I do like Thai food but there was one thing in it that made it go from amazing to absymal. So today it came up in my mind for whatever reason and I decided to find out which "demon seed" was being planted in my food. (Demon Seed is a term I use to describe a food I find so intolerable that they ruin any other food they touch.) I researched every food that would normally appear in the Thai dishes I usually enjoy. It turns out it's cilantro! Who knew that a simple herb could taste so disgusting? I knew this was the culprit once everyone started using terms like "soap" or "dirty water" to describe its taste. It definitely tastes like "soapy, dirty, bath water" to me. So it turns out the first time I ever had the Thai food, there was no cilantro in it. So I ordered a Thai dish today on my lunch hour and I requested NO cilantro. And it was out of this world. I'm so glad I finally found out this serial killer of deliciousness. Who in their right mind would actually enjoy eating something like this? All I had to do was type in "cilantro" into Google and up came this site. It's good to see I'm not the only one who despises this atrocious herb. Never again will this demon seed plague my meals! Good riddance I say!