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A Story

I am a total foodie and will anything, and I mean anything. Nothing scares me. If its' weird or unusual, count me in.

However, the one cuisine I simply cannot stomach is Mexican. Its' not that I dislike the way it tastes; it makes me want to die within an hour of finishing a meal. I used to blame it on refried beans,so I eliminated them, but I still got sick after eating even a piece of grilled fish and rice. I've been to the "authentic" places in Southern California and high end places all over and I still get ill.

As a business traveler, this has proven difficult, especially in the Southwest and California. I have to tell my guests, who may ALL want to go to Mexican that I can't do it. This is never a hit.

I stumbled on this site when I Googled "cilantro" at the supermarket today. Now I know that I am not alone and I also know what makes it impossible to eat Mexican food. If anyone objects to me avoiding Mexican in the future, I'll go to this site on my smartphone and let them see that I'm not crazy.

Thank you for this site!!!