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A Story

My first run in with this stuff was 4 days ago when a friend made me a salad with lots of this stuff spread over and thru the garden salad, and I mean LOTS of it. I didn't care for it that much but to be nice I ate most of the salad before having to just stop. I don't think it was the smell that got to me, it was just a full feeling that it gave me. I cannot be sure at this point, but I truly believe that it was that cilantro that has resulted in my having the hic-ups for the last 3 days. I cannot seem to get rid of them except for short periods of time and then they are right back. I believe it has effected my gastric system somehow and that it lingers on somehow, and who knows for how long this will last. I do not usually get the hic-ups and I do not feel like there is any blockage that could be causing it. I don't know any treatment that will hasten my being rid of the hic-ups, but I shall never knowingly eat that stuff again. It is the only thing different that I have eaten from my usual diet that is why I am most suspicious that it is the culpert.