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A Story

Just want you to know how pleased I am to be allowed to become a part of a great intellectual organization like this. My first run in with this noxious weed is buried in the mists of time but I know it is the cause of so much grief in my life. I just can't go into it. Just let it be said that it was traumatic and it has take me years to come to turms with it.

On a recent trip to DC my wife and I unfortunately went to a Chipotle restaurant and even knowing the cursed was in the burito, we partook of the fare. Needless to say the trauma was immediate and it is unlikely that we shall ever return to any kind of odd normalcy. All the long fought pain viciously arose and we wonder if we'll ever get back to our unassuming way of life without getting crazier than we were.

Caveat emptor!