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A Story

I am a vegetarian and am very allergic to Cilantro/Coriander. Eating out in St. Louis, MO is difficult. I love ethnic food, because as a vegetarian I have the most choices in ethnic restaurants. However, it seems almost every vegetarian dish is loaded with Cilantro! I discovered my allergy after eating at a Thai restaurant and vomiting afterwards on several occasions. I started to piece things together and realized Cilantro/Coriander may have been the source of many problems for me.

Not only is it in almost every dish served in restaurants around here, it is also in a lot of different kinds of alcohol. Micro brew beer is a past time of all my friends, but I really have to read the labels and make sure it is not made with Coriander. Even a few sips of it and I will have a migraine, stomach ache, and trouble breathing. I also read that Gin contains Coriander. I have only had Gin on two occasions, and both times I ended up in the hospital.

Most people do not believe me about this allergy. It is frustrating when my own family serves dishes with Cilantro when I have told them I am allergic.