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A Story

In July 2010 I went to visit my friend in the Washington DC area. She took me to Chipotle Mexican Grill. This was my 1st time going to Chipotle as we did not have one in my area. I had heard many people talk about how good their food was, so I was excited to try it. My friend recommend the burrito bowl. It's like a burrito without the Tortilla. I never really had cilantro so I did not know to watch out for it. Chipotle's rice has cilantro all through it. So I get a steak bowl with that cilantro rice, some corn salsa that has cilantro, and some brown salsa that is laced with cilantro. I also had cheese and sour cream. That darn cilantro ruined the tastiness of the meat, cheese, corn, and rice. It tasted like someone put soap in my food!!! I was so disgusted with that cilantro!!!! Everything else in the bowl was good, so I tried to pick around the Cilantro, but I couldn't!!!! I just threw most of it out. Chipotle needs to have plain rice for people who can't stand that damn cilantro!!! Next time I go there I'm just gonna get a salad with meat, cheese and hot salsa. All of which don't contain cilantro!!!!! They should call that darn place Cilantro instead of Chipotle as much cliantro as they use!!!!