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A Story

Just a couple of days ago, I ran into my worst mishap yet with a stalk --a whole stalk!-- of cilantro. I was eating some Thai crispy chicken and rice with little flecks of what I thought was parsley in it. Stuffed inside a slice of chicken was a whole stalk of cilantro, which I not only think tastes like licking a battery or a yard waste bag, but I'm also a little bit allergic to. This particular stalk was the size of my fist, I swear, and took me about 10 minutes to chew. All six hundred wasted dreadful seconds of my life I was in agony and was needing to do a spit-take SO MUCH. I didn't even have a napkin to hurl into, so I was stranded in a sea of icky-gross-bleh-cilantro-ness. I have run into a ton of cilantro mishaps throughout my life, mostly because my dad loves the stuff. My mom, however, shares my dislike of it.