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A Story

I am SOOOO hating cilantro right now!!!! All I wanted to do today was make meatballs to have with my spaghetti! SOOOOOo.... I went to the store and bought all the ingredients needed; turkey meat, breadcrumbs, eggs, onions, parmesan cheese, and "parsley. When I got to the herb section I noticed there was no sign next to the "parsley" so I asked the store manager if the herb for sale was parsley or cilantro. He says, "Its parsley." I purchased it and returned home. I got home and was in the kitchen making fresh sauce and whipping up my meatballs!!! An hour later after everything cooked I decided to dig in and try one of my delicious meatballs! Within seconds the most horrendous taste filled my mouth and as quick as it went in.. the meatball came out!! DISGUSTING! I was so pissed that the "parsley" was really cilantro that I decided to tell my story! I HATE CILANTRO!