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A Story

I'll never forget my first encounter with this vile weed. It was about 12 years ago in a Thai restaurant in Chicago, where I was dining with a friend. We had ordered our entrees which came with a small soup starter. Two small cups of soup arrive at our table. It appeared to be some sort of clear vegetable soup with some green herbs floating in it. I tasted my soup, and to my surprise, something didn't taste right. I thought, "what the Hell?" to myself and tasted it again. "Bleh! What is IN this?" It tasted like someone was cooking it in a freshly bleached Teflon pan that the coating was flaking off of and it got into the soup somehow (this is how I descibe the wretched taste of cilantro to this day). Confused about where this horrible taste was coming from, I picked out one of the green leaves and sniffed it. UGH. Then, I put the leaf into my mouth. Holy crap. This one of the most disgusting things I had EVER tasted! What IS this stuff? I mean, I love vegetables and herbs, but this has to be some sort of mistake! Lucky for me , my friend had the same reaction, so I knew there wasn't something wrong with me.
I later found out what the culprit was. It has crossed my path many times since. Indian food, Mexican food, I can't tell you how many times I've gone out for Mexican, and literally had to fish around the bowl of salsa for a molecule of tomato that wasn't touching a leaf of cilantro. Here's a horror story: The very last time I went out for Mexican, my food came out to me COVERED in cilantro! All over the whole plate! I wanted to cry. I might as well have been eating with a tweezer. I have to remember to request "no cilantro", and pretend I am allergic to it (my tastebuds are, anyway).
I HATE this stuff! I can't even believe that people would even consider this a food product. That's how HORRIFIC it tastes to me. I have actually bonded with people over this topic. CILANTRO SUCKS!!! >:P