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A Story

I was at AppleBees and i ordered a dish wiht cilantro in it. I had been warned about it but I didnt even notice that the Cilantro was in it. The only person that ever told me that they hated Cilantro was my Mom. She was very stern about it too. Anyway I was 14 years old. At first i though it was a certain part of the dish that was responsible for that taste. But then i got my Mom to taste it and she told me it was Cilantro. I hated it and ordered a new dish since i didnt touch any of the food from the other dish. The taste is stuck in my mind and when i went to a store after eating at AppleBees, i swore the inside of the store smelled like cilantro. But then i figured that was just my mind playing with me. What i took from this was....I HATE CILANTRO!!!