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Wait! Is it Coriander or Cilantro?
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A Story

I love food. I mean it, I love pretty much anything edible. I have a very varied palate and enjoy a lot of things other people find too strong,salty, hot etc.
For years I had the experience of ordering a dish and being absolutely unable to eat it due to an all pervasive ingredient. I had no idea what it was, and came acorss it wuite randomly for quite a while, Each time I would be repulsed to the point of almost being sick.

One lovely day my Mother and I were having lunch in a cafe when there iot was!! stuck in my dish, that ingredient. I quickly gave some to my mother to taste and she said "Oh that's just Coriander". Just Coriander? JUST CORIANDER???
Coriander, aka cilantro, my demon.

I cannot even describe the way it tastes, it isn't too hot, spicy, bland, soapy to me, just foul. There are no words.

My brother also detests it so I am very interested in the genetic possibilities. I agree that there should be a warning on all foods containing this offensive weed.