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A Story

I never really noticed cilantro. It didn't register with me. Until I went to Chili's and ordered their Green Chili Chicken Soup. It looked strange before I even ate it. So strange I double checked to make sure it was the right soup. After the first bite I regretted the decision to get that soup, but I ate some anyway. I tried to avoid the cilantro leaves, but it just didn't seem to work. That night I didn't feel so well. I thought it was just because I was tried from driving 10 hours. Then I started to become nauseous. I remembered feeling the same way a few months before when I spent most of the night waiting to throw up and finally did, a lot. At the time I didn't know what had caused the night of nausea, but after checking with a friend, she had made guacamole with cilantro. Luckily, I didn't eat enough of the Chili's soup to spend the night throwing up. However, from now on I will avoid cilantro like the plague! Not only does it taste bad, but also my body rejects it violently!