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A Story

It all started with a bumper crop of tomatoes from my garden one year and the wish to create homemade salsa for my husband who's a salsa affectcionado. I guess we were in our mid 30's at the time.
Every recipe seemed to call for cilantro and since the cooking shows raved about it, especially Rachel Ray, I decided to give it a try.
So I bought a big clump of cilantro from the local grocery store produce dept., took it home and began chopping. The recipe called for at least 1/2 a cup if I remember right, but after chopping 2 or 3 leaves the odor assaulting my senses immediately alerted me to a possible error in the recipe. Maybe it should really call for a 1/4 tsp.? Maybe I bought the wrong variety? Or maybe the smell was a misnomer and would settle down once the acids in the tomato worked on it.
Tastes just as bad as it smells.
My husband came home an hour later and immediately asked "what stinks"?.
He hates it as much as I do so maybe that makes us genetically compatable?
We're of english and european descent for the most part.
If I were compare cilantro to anything I would say it's a non-food item that smells like a linen shirt that's been hanging on the clothesline for a couple of weeks and was rained on and dried more than once.
Not salsa material.
One thing I don't understand is why commercial salsas so frequently list cilantro in the ingredients but I've never detected the overwhelming taste of cilantro in them.
I'm going to go to work tomorrow and see how many enemies and/or friends I can make/lose with my newly acquired confidence in despising cilantro.
I'll keep you posted.