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A Story

While traveling to Atlanta by car in August, we stopped in an Indian restaurant in Greenville, SC. I usually order vegetable jalfrezi when we dine on Indian cuisine, without incident. Evidently, the recipe used in the mid-Atlantic restaurants differ in one significant way: This dish was COVERED in the evil green weed. My husband called the waiter over and I explained the problem. He took the dish back to the kitchen and brought it back with some of the EGW scraped off. I again said I would not be able to eat the meal. Then it became "blame the victim" time; apparently, I was supposed to know that EGW would be on it, even though no mention of it was made in the description of the dish on the menu. So, the waiter took it away again and removed it from the bill (thank you) and I ate rice for dinner. Can I just say that my kids were mortified? Totally embarrassed that I would not just shut up and eat perfectly good vegetables with disgusting herbaceous matter on them. And here I've tried to teach them since birth to stand up for what's right! But they like cilantro. Where did I go wrong? LOL