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A Story

My first encounter with cilantro was September 2002 in a village in the southern part of Shanxi Province, China. It is called shangtai(sp?) in China. My translator wanted some noodles so she and I went to a small restaurant in the village of Moli. When the noodles came I started eating them and it had a terrible taste, but I never said anything to her. She thought I really liked the noodles and the next week she wanted to go back. The noodles still tasted like crap and I finally told her there was something wrong with my noodles. I had her taste them and she said they were great! I started investigating what was causing the bad taste. I found that the little green leaves tasted like crap!! From that time on I would make sure there were no green leaves in my noodles. The noodles tasted great without the shangtai(cilantro).

I still live and work in China today and still hate the cilantro!The chinese put it in and on everything. I have to order special dishes without the green leaves. I can smell the stuff whenever it is on the table. Everyone makes fun of me, but I tell them if they don't want to see me vomit then make sure there isn't any on the table.

Last year when I went home I went to a mexican restaurant. The waiter gave us some chips and salsa (which I love)and when I started dipping the chips in the salsa I smelled something familiar. I took one taste and knew I was in trouble. I never dipped another chip! My family coulds not understand why I didn't like the taste of the salsa. A few nights later we went to a family restaurant and when they brought out the salad I took one bite and low and behold there was cilantro in it! I said "who the hell put this crap in my salad". The waiter said it was for decoration.

I don't mind seeing other people eat that crap but I can not eat it and will not eat it ever again!!!!!