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A Story

I have hated cilantro for so long, I simply can't remember the first time I experienced this vile weed. But I do have two different restaurant stories.

Years ago, I was eating at Chili's and there was a new item on the menu called Santa Fe rice. I told the server that I would like that as one of my sides so long as it didn't contain cilantro. As she was approaching my table with the food -- from three tables away I could smell this putrid odor. Evidently, she had asked in the kitchen if cilantro was added to the dish and was told "no", but the proper question should have been, "Does it CONTAIN cilantro," and evidently the rice mixture supplied to the restaurant already had it in there. I pointed out to the server and the manager that although I had a complete revulsion to cilantro, I was not alergic to it. But a patron who WAS alergic could very well have had a lawsuit over my experience. I have since been to Chili's rarely.

My second story involves a recent dining experience in Baltimore at a Mexican restaurant. While discussing my choices with the server, I mentioned my dislike for cilantro and asked her what things she liked at the restaurant. Her reply was that she had tasted none of the food because she hated Tex-Mex cuisine. (An odd choice for a place of employment, don't you think?) At any rate, in the course of our discussion, I mentioned that one day I would open a restaurant named simply NFC. "Did that stand for something?" she inquired. "Yes," I replied. "No Fu*#ing Cilantro!!" I think she is still laughing.

I can assure you that both close and casual friends know of my complete disdain for this despicable food ingredient. I am so happy to fincd a community of kindred souls.