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A Story

My first run in with this bitter sock flavored crap weed was in my early 20s at an upscale Thai food restaurant in California that my step mom took me to when we went on a trip to E3 to get to know each other. Coolest step mom ever... Until she tried to poison me with this horrible skunk cabbage. I go to bite into this awesome looking glass noodle dish and immediately spit it right into my napkin. I thought I must've had a stroke or something because things just aren't supposed to taste like that. It was years before I tried thai again and it is actually awesome when it is not made by assholes.

This is seriously the only food I have ever eaten that I just cannot swallow and being Icelandic I've eaten things that Cthulhu would vomit up.

I can't even think of a good parallel for what cilantro tastes like because I have never eaten a urinal cake. What does this taste like to people who don't hate it? I hate this herb so much that I think less of people who don't.