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A Story

So happy I'm not the only one! I've always loved spicy foods and can go through a jar of salsa + bag of tortilla chips in about a week. Only problem is, I'm a college student with no car, the nearest grocery store is half a mile away, and glass jars of salsa are heavy to carry (when combined with a gallon of milk, gallon of Gatorade, and various other heavy groceries, that is). So, one week I noticed a brand of salsa that came in plastic containers instead of glass. The hottest flavor of said brand proudly proclaimed that it contained "Extra Cilantro!", and I wasn't really sure what cilantro tasted like, so I bought it. Huge mistake. I can barely eat it, it has this weird aftertaste, and for a while it put me off of salsa in general. Still have half of the tub sitting in my fridge. (Most of what I did eat was on my roommate's 21st birthday when I was too drunk to care.) Not sure what I'm going to do with it; I guess I'll throw it out before Christmas break.