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A Story

I'm an Irisher from Northern Ireland and love Mexican, Korean, Ethiopian, Thai, Vietnamese and Sze huan food. If it's spicy and hot, I'll eat it. However, I'm also allergic to onions and destest cilantro. When I turned 40, I found I could tolerate green onions but regular white, yellow and purple onions still put me on the proverbial cross. Then, putting in the cilantro is hammering the nails in.

First time I ate it was when I was a kid and was told it was parsley. Wrong. I love parsley. This green botanical representation of vulture vomit sent me into a frenzy from which I've never recovered. I even can't stand the smell and have to avoid bins where it's displayed in open air.

Of all the foods I intensely dislike, cilantro leads the pack. I'd support it's being banned from the universe.